Identifying the Best Recruiting Firms to Use

Identifying the Best Recruiting Firms to Use – Recruitment firms are companies whose job is to interview and hire employees on another employer’s requirements and qualifications. If your company has job openings that you need filled fast, but do not have the time to advertise or interview potential employees, you can then hire recruiting firms to do it for you. All you will need to do is give the recruitment agency the qualifications needed, and they will find, interview and even hire the employees for you. With dozens of recruitment firms in the market today, it would be advisable to find the right recruitment firm to use.  Discussed below are a few tips on how to choose a recruitment agency.

1.    Look For An Industry Specific Agency
Whether you need telecommunication or marketing employees for your firm, it would be advisable to look for an agency that has experience in the field and understands what it takes to find the right person to hire.  Some agencies are specific in the types of recruitments they conduct, while others are general and hire on demand. Security personnel recruitment on the hand demands some specifics that should be met, meaning the recruitment agency handling the same must be conversant with this.

2.    In Depth Screening and Net Casting

The work of a recruitment agency is to find and identify the best-suited candidates for the job position, and not to bundle you with many CVs to deal with. This is the reason why you should look for an agency seasoned at recruiting employees, and on that handled in-depth screening on candidates before making any recommendations. Some of these companies are so good in their work in that, they can fish out candidates from your competitors to work for you. Recruiting firms shouldn’t however limit candidates and allow people from far and wide to apply for the job.

3.    Only  Consider Qualified and Registered Firms
The only way to get what you want is by using a registered and qualified recruitment agency to hire employees.  The recruitment agency should also be conversant with up to date ethical standards and employment law. The agency should be able to demonstrate the same to ensure you do not hire people whom they have favored or bribed his/her way in.  The agency should also be able to handle investigations on potential candidates for criminal records and such before presenting them to you for the final decision.

4.    Employee Retention Rate
Look for recruitment firms that boost of a higher employee retention rates in companies that that have overseen the hiring process.  The employees that these agencies recommend should have a good employment record and trustworthy in the same. Most employees take to their heels a few months after getting a job, while others have to be laid off due to incompetence. To avoid wasting time and resources in most of these agencies, ask for hard numbers on employee retention rate. You should also ask for references from companies that did use the agency, and are satisfied with the results provided.

The tips discussed above should help you find the most suitable recruitment firms to use for the next hiring process. Have the agency interview the employees while you handle tasks that are more important.

Concerns That Influence the Valuing Of Recruitment Firms

Concerns That Influence the Valuing Of Recruitment Firms – Many businesses understand the value of having a good self-driven working force. These business know that such a working force is the key to the business’ successes on a long-term basis. Find such professionals to work in the business can be a daunting task; hence, many businesses hire recruitment firms to help them seek for qualified personnel to fill various job positions.

Well, some individuals may argue that such a task falls under the human resource department.  Though this might be true, there comes a time when business requires an external workforce. For instance, in case of promotional marketing that might run for six months to a year. Hiring a recruitment agency will be the best approach. But how to you ensure that your business gets the best workforce possible. Here are some of the concerns that most businessmen deliberate upon when dealing with such agencies.

The cost of Service – Knowing the service cost for all recruitment agencies is a tough but highly decisive factor. The best deal is the no placement fee policy that allows you to make payments only once an agency delivers the right lot of employees to your company.

Employee References – A good employment agency will be ready to offer need be references about each employee that passes in its management. Nevertheless, the agency still understands and values the privacy of is candidates and only hand out the necessary information.

Charging Rates – In most cases, the agencies will charge a certain percentage of the employee’s salary for a set period (mostly during the first year of employment). Many businessmen are very keen on this to ensure that the agency does not overcharge the employees. On the other hand, such measures take away the burden of managing employee salaries from the shoulders of the company. As such the business will only focus on employee productivity to foster profitable results and business growth.

The Rebate System – This is a necessary factor that acts as a security measure in case an employee opts to unexpectedly quit the job. In such an instance, the rebates system ensures that the agency refunds its client for the employee who leaves the company the first few weeks or months of hire.

Agency Volume – Knowing the capacity of employees an agency supports can speak about its volume tolerance. It is important to know how many employees the company needs before you move to hire a recruitment company to hand your human resource needs. On the same note, make sure that the agency meets the hiring standards you desire for your company.

CV Policy – It goes without say, that all employee recruitment process entail the submission of CVs. Any agency that does not have strict policies in regards to CV submission is not the ideal company to hire for the recruitment services.

Work with Reputable Recruitment Firms – If you work with the best in the business you are assured of get the best of employees. One way of knowing you are dealing with a reputable   company is to go with client testimonials. Testimonials give varied truths and facts about an agency and help to know even the few pitfalls (if any) to avoid when dealing with such a company.

A Guide to Choosing the Best Employment Agency

A Guide to Choosing the Best Employment Agency – An employment agency can simplify the recruitment process and boost its cost-efficiency. To experience these benefits, however, it is imperative to select the right staffing firm. Regardless of your industry or the size of the company, you can follow a few basic rules to choose the right professionals that will address your recruitment needs.

Determine Staffing Needs in Advance
Before looking for a good employment agency, it is imperative to assess and determine your staffing needs.

Are you looking to hire predominantly administrative staff? Or maybe you’re looking for temporary workers? How about recruiting top-level managers? Some recruitment agencies specialize in finding workers for temporary jobs, others are experienced in executive recruitment. Having a good idea about what you’re looking for can help for the selection of the right professionals for the job.

Now that you have determined exactly what you are looking for, it is time to do some research and assess the reputation of recruitment agencies.

Online Search
You can either discuss the issue with your business contacts or conduct an online search to identify the most suitable employment agency.

Take time to carry out extensive research. It is a mistake to go with the first option that you come across. Chances are that you will find other professionals that offer more appropriate and cost-efficient services.

The online presence of a recruitment agency, reviews written about its services and its social media profiles can tell you a lot about the company’s approach, its experience and ability to find suitable candidates for open positions.

A final element you need to take a look at is the reach of the employment agency. This factor is particularly important for companies that believe they have exhausted the local talent pool. If you are looking for very specialized experts or individuals that have a particular experience, you may want to choose an agency that has a national reach. Going beyond local recruitment will be the best possibility for finding someone who is qualified enough to boost productivity and deliver exactly what you are looking for.

Though the cost of the recruitment services is far from the most important factor, it is an element that you will need to take a look at alongside all other criteria.

Reputable companies will usually have their rates published online. After talking to a company rep, it is possible to get a discount. A company that has prices below market values is not necessarily the best option for you. There could be quality compromises that help for the reduction of the service prices.

Ask Questions
The final part of the process involves meeting a recruitment agency representative and asking some questions.

Focus on the company’s experience in your industry, the manner in which applicants are qualified, the charging policy and the interview procedure. Talk to several agency reps and ask the same questions. Compare both the responses and the communication styles to determine which one has the best overall approach.

Employment agencies that have a good reputation, many years of experience and well-defined strategies can help you save a lot of time and find the right professionals for your open positions. Do your homework in advance – it is a better idea to spend some time on finding the right professionals than to end up disappointed with the recruitment services provided.

Tips For Choosing The Best Employment Agencies

Tips For Choosing The Best Employment Agencies – In this day and age, despite the limited opportunities available in the job market, the process of looking for a job should not be rocket science. The easiness of job haunting has been made possible thanks to employment agencies. Whether you call them employment agencies, recruiters, search firms, staffing agencies or recruitment agencies, they all serve the same purpose and they will significantly help in taking off a lot of pressure in your search for employment. However, in order to make sure that the recruitment agency you choose will help you secure the best opportunity; you must make sure that you choose the crop of the cream employment agency.

The nine-figure question (that might lead to a job with nine-figure salary) is how do you make sure that you choose the best employment agency? The answer to the question will be found in the following tips that will point you in the right direction when choosing the best employment agencies.


Getting referrals from your friends and colleagues might be advantageous in your quest  to find the best employment agencies. It would be great if you asked friends or colleagues that you share the same industry. Getting referral gives you a stepping stone in coming up with a list of potential employment agencies that you might work with.


After you have made a list of potential employment agencies referrals, your next step should be conducting a painstaking and meticulous research on each of the agencies. Conducting a thoroughgoing research gives you an advantaged position to narrow down your list in an informed methodology. Researching online might also help you add a few potential employment agencies in your list.


During your research, you can establish important factors such as the kind of specialization a recruitment company has. It is crucial that you look for an agency that specializes in your industry as opposed to generalists. An employment agency that specializes in your industry is a surefire of landing you an excellent opportunity in your area of expertise.


As a rule of thumb, always choose a recruitment agency that operates with utmost professionalism. A Professional employment agency will always treat you with respect, integrity and offer you privacy without leaving transparency behind. Additionally, professional employment agencies always make sure that you have all the information you need while they continue with their screening process.


A good employmet agency will always offer you advice on how to nature your career development. It is important to note that the hiring company does not pay the agency to find any job seeker but to find them the right candidate. Consequently, the agencies make sure that they know your needs in order for them to make a perfect match.  The employment agency will make sure that you are the right candidate by offering you valuable advice on how best to fit the shoes of the new employment opportunity. This is the reason why you should look for an employment agency that has a level of expertise.

How Do Temp Employment Firms Operate?

How Do Temp Employment Firms Operate? – Over ninety percent of companies use temporary workers every year. In most instances, these workers are hired on a short term basis to cover for permanent workers who are signed off sick or who are on maternity leave. In some industries, such as retail, there is also a lot of demand around the holiday season. These temporary workers are generally hired through temp employment firms.

Whatever the duration and hours offered by a job role, a temp agency will be able to fill it. Temp employment firms are sometimes used by people who have struggled to find permanent work, but there are also many job seekers who prefer the flexibility offered by temporary positions. Jobs which fall within school hours are particularly popular with parents and are easy to fill.  Many workers with children are also attracted to contracts which expire before the summer, so that they do not need to rely on childcare during summer vacation.

Temporary roles are also attractive to people who want to expand their skill set and give their resume a boost. However, temp agencies will also be able to provide prospective candidates who are capable of filling highly skilled roles. If the role you are hiring for is very specialized then it can be useful to hire an agency which focuses on a particular niche. For instance, if you need an IT technician for a start up project then you should look for an agency which primarily deals in the information technology industry.

Temp employment firms often give their workers similar benefits to those in full time, permanent employment. These benefits can vary from agency to agency, but often include perks such as medical coverage and even paid leave. If you are trying to fill a job role then enlisting the services of an agency which offers numerous benefits to its workers can be an advance. This type of agency often has a high degree of professionalism and attracts the most desirable job seekers.

Surprisingly, temp agencies are also a great way to find permanent workers too. In  around forty percent of cases, a temporary worker is given a permanent position within the company after their initial contract has ended. Temporary employees can be just as competent as permanent employees, and their contractual period can provide ample time to demonstrate their long term worth to a company.

If your company is hiring for a temporary position, always take your time when choosing the right employment agency. Think very carefully about what you need and always ask for references from an agency to ensure that they have a proven track record. You should also be mindful of how well an agency presents themselves, and how professional they are in their communication. Great communication is key in a satisfactory working relationship.

Finding a suitable candidate through a temp employment agency is typically very straightforward. Choosing a reputable firm will considerably raise your chances of finding the perfect worker to fit your company’s needs.